Voprosy onomastiki (Problems of Onomastics) aldizkariaren zenbaki berria online

Gure lankide errusiarrek hutsik egin gabe txintxo beren aldizkariaren zenbaki berria kaleratu –onlineratu– dute, 2018ko lehendabizikoa: 15 (1). Hauxe da sumarioa:

Ya tenemos en la red el primer número de la revista rusa, a día de hoy máxima referencia en el mundo onomástico. Este es su sumario:

Napolskikh, V. V. Ethno-Linguistic Situation in the Forest Zone of Eastern Europe in the First Centuries AD and the Data of Jordanes’ Getica
Dzitstsoity, Y. A. On the Relics of Scytho-Sarmato-Alanian Vocabulary in the Toponymy of Ossetia
Petrosyan, A. Y. Armenian Demons Called Kaj: Image and Name
Agapkina, T. A., Berezovich, E. L., Surikova, O. D. Toponyms in the Charms of the Russian North. I: Seas and Rivers
Toporkov, A. L. Proper Names in the 17th Century Olonets Codex of Verbal Charms
Fakuade, G., Williams, A., Nnaji, I., Odeigah, T. A Shift in Batonu Personal Naming Practices

Kvašytė, R. Theory and Practice of Rendering Foreign Proper Names into Lithuanian and Latvian
Butler, J. O. The Rocket’s Red Glaringly Apparent Intent: The Dazzling Effects of Firework Naming

Schaarschmidt, G.Some Good Reasons for Renaming Places, and Some not so Good Ones: a Cross-Cultural Sketch. In Honour of Canada’s 150th Birthday and the Year of Reconciliation

 Book reviews
Parker, W. Arthurian Toponymics: Folk Tradition or Antiquarian Invention? Review of the book: Lloyd, S. (2017). The Arthurian Place Names of Wales. Cardiff: University of Wales Press
Sokolova, T. P. The Problems of Urban Place Names Description. Review of the books: Shmeleva, T. V. (2014). Onomastikon rossiiskogo goroda [Onomasticon of a Russian City]. Saarbrücken: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing; Shmeleva, T. V. (2016). Novgorodskaya slovesnost: ucheb. posobie [Novgorod Philology: A Handbook]. Veliky Novgorod: Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University
Golikova, D. M. Proper Names and Named Entities Recognition in the Automatic Text Processing. Review of the book: Nouvel, D., Ehrmann, M., & Rosset, S. (2016). Named Entities for Computational Linguistics. London; Hoboken: ISTE Ltd; John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2016.

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